Microgrid Knowledge – U.S. Army Awards Contract to Create Lighter and More Durable Batteries for Combat Troops

The $6.4 million contract aims to improve safety for American soldiers as well as fortify the supply chain and U.S. national security.

Today’s soldiers carry a heavy load, literally and figuratively. In addition to the challenges that come with keeping the U.S. and its interests safe around the world, the modern soldier adds anywhere between 60 to 120 pounds of gear, body armor and weapons to his or her frame on a combat mission.

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command C5ISR Center (DEVCOM) is looking for ways to lighten the load, without compromising safety. To that end, DEVCOM has awarded a $6.4 million contract to NanoGraf and South 8 Partners to develop higher energy, safer and lighter batteries for combat troops.

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