Re-imagine where Li-ion can go

Revolutionary LiGas® enables Li-ion battery operation in extreme climates with reduced fire risk. All with improved cost. Operate in new environments: bitter cold, scorching heat, underwater and space. The limit: innovators’ imagination.

Li-ion. Without constraints.

Reduced Fire Risk

LiGas minimizes potential for thermal propagation

Wide Temperature Range

-60 to +60 °C operation Industry leading performance

Material Compatibility

Readily available materials, Gigafactory compatible manufacturing

Increased energy

Silicon anodes, thicker electrodes, higher voltage cells

Fast Charge

High electrolyte conductivity enables <15 min charging

Cost Effective

LiGas is compatible with common electrodes and separators


LiGas electrolyte solves important lithium-ion pain points: fire risk and depleted energy at low temperatures


LiGas’ wide temperature range and improved fire safety expands lithium-ion’s electric vehicle and energy storage system footprint to a global market



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