eVehicle Technology – South 8 Technologies Showcases its Arctic LiGas Battery Electrolyte

South 8 Technologies (“South 8”), the pioneer in developing and bringing to market LiGas®, a liquefied gas electrolyte for advanced lithium-ion batteries, has unveiled its Arctic™ LiGas 18650 cell today at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in San Diego (booth #615).

Arctic LiGas cells, which replace traditional toxic and flammable liquid electrolyte with South 8’s revolutionary liquefied gas electrolyte, are a safe and versatile high-performance lithium-ion solution. South 8 is currently shipping Arctic LiGas cells to select customers for deployments across various markets and applications including defense, electric vehicles, stationary storage, and battery-powered industrial equipment. Arctic is the first in a family of lithium-ion battery cell formats and chemistries that South 8 is introducing to support the growing demand for batteries with superior performance.

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