Cyrus Rustomji speaks on LiGas™ Gen 3 improvements at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC)

SAN DIEGO – South 8 Technologies‘s (“South 8”), South 8 co-founder Cyrus Rustomji speaks on LiGas™ technology at Advanced Automotive Battery Conference.

South 8 is the first company to develop a novel liquefied gas electrolyte technology as a safer, higher performance alternative to standard liquid electrolytes. Known as LiGas®, the liquefied gas electrolyte is simple to incorporate into existing cell production processes, utilizes materials which are all currently manufactured globally at scale and offers simple recyclability at the end of life. LiGas® improves safety, increases energy density, achieves all-weather performance, enables fast-charge capability and reduces costs while also being compatible with existing lithium-ion cell production or Gigafactory manufacturing processes and supply chains.


Because LiGas® maintains excellent operation at both low and high temperatures ranging from -60 to +60 degrees Celsius, the use cases are wide ranging from consumer, commercial and industrial electric vehicles to military defense systems. Examples include everything from connected battlefields, unmanned aerial vehicles and subzero power to all-weather energy applications for grid storage and power backup to marine sea monitoring, electric boats and submarines.

Cyrus Rustomji highlights improvements from LiGas Gen1 to LiGas Gen 3. Gen 3 sees a 40% reduction in vent pressure, higher conductivity and power, with a projected cycle life of over 2000, and improved stability at high temperatures. South 8 is also working with industry partners to enable LNMO materials. Relating to EVs, LiGas meets and exceeds EVs low temp requirements and has outstanding performance at ultra-low temperatures. The LiGas 18650 Graphite-LNMO is displaying 87% energy retention at -40C.

South 8 plans in the future to continue to improve the cycle life at +20C, evaluate Mn dissolution across temperatures, improve cell design to optimize cell capacity, and partner with Si anode manufacturers to further improve cell energy and fast charge. 





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Advanced Automotive Batteries Conference (AABC)

AABC was founded more than twenty years ago to review the status of automotive battery technology and provide informed glimpses into the future. The program will uncover the underlying technical and business issues that will impact the pace and path of vehicle electrification worldwide. AABC attracts chief battery technologists from leading automotive OEMs, who will share their development trends and projected battery needs, as well as their key suppliers who will present their latest offerings and roadmaps for the future.

About South 8 Technologies

South 8 Technologies, Inc. has developed a novel liquefied gas electrolyte product, LiGas®, to power the next generation of lithium-ion batteries and advance the world’s clean energy future.  The venture-backed cleantech company’s Series A round of $12 million was led by Anzu Partners with participation from LG Ventures, Shell Ventures, Foothill Ventures, and Taiyo Nippon Sanso.

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